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Handmade Bump

Bump is fun to stand on and balance on for children over 3 years of age.

The flat side is placed downwards if the child's balancing skills are not super stable yet.

For the child who has good balancing skills, or to maintain them or develop them, turn the curved side downwards, so the child can stand and tilt back and forth.

Bump is also perfect as part of the game "the Floor is Hot Lava". What we call "the Earth is full of Trolls”

Bump is also the swinging / tilting accessory for Sema, Melo, Sabi, Hila and Bimo. Bump gives the fabulous creatures a whole new dimension, when it is inserted into them.

In this way, it doesn't take much to increase the play value of Sema, Melo, Sabi, Hila and Bimo.

What is a Bump made of?

Bump is made of strong EVA foam. EVA foam is free of dangerous phthalates. The surface itself is soft and slip resistant.

Bump can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. I

Bump - The tilting accessory - Anthracite

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Quick info:

Material:     Eva Foam
Measure:    25 x 25 cm, H. 11 cm
Colour:       Anthracite with white grey drawing
Age:           3 +
Approvals: CE marked