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Drop - the stepping board with a lot of possibilities

Drop is reminiscent of big drops in the sea or stones lying in the river.

Drop is perfect for a stepping stone when playing "the Floor is Hot Lava" or as we call it "the Earth is full of Trolls"

Drop can also be used to:

  • Build towers. When the tower falls over, Drop, being so light, falls onto the floor, without harming either the child or the floor.

  • Throw from child to child: It is a challenge for children to grab Drop, as it has a flat surface, a bit like a frisbee.

  • Roll from child to child: It requires good speed and fine motor skills to get Drop to roll all the way to the other child.

  • Balance on your head. Put one, two or maybe three Drops on your head. It requires concentration and balance to carry Drop. It helps develop body awareness and makes children and adults aware of body posture.

Drop can also be a cool accessory for Tuli. So to give Tuli a new look, just choose one of the lovely Drop colours to go in between.

What is a "Drop" made of?

Drop is made of strong EVA foam. EVA foam is free of dangerous phthalates. The surface itself is soft and slip resistant.

Drop can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. 

Drop - Stepping Stones - Anthracite

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Quick info:

Material:     Eva Foam
Measure:    H.4,9 cm. Diameter: 14,8 cm 
Colour:       Anthracite with white grey drawing
Age:           3 +
Approvals: CE marked