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The fabulous Bimo in Light Blue with 1 Step

The fabulous thing about Bimo is that it has a long and strong back. A back that can easily support children and adults.

For this reason, Bimo is also good for all ages.

Your baby can lie on its tummy on Bimo while you hold it. It is important that your baby practises lying on its tummy. This is how your baby trains some important neck and back muscles. These include the muscles that help to hold up the head.

An older child can both lie on its tummy, as well as sit and stand on Bimo. 

By inserting Bump into Bimo - you can make Bimo tilt.

When an older child tilts Bimo, it helps in practising to balance. The most important of all senses when we are talking balance, is the labyrinthine sense. If you have a malfunctioning labyrinthine sense, it will often result in you becoming dizzy very easily, or nauseated when in a car or on a swing, for example. So if this happens to your child, then Bimo is good training for it.

Bimo is also great for creating motor skill tracks. By putting Bimo and Hila together - you also have a "mountain" to go up - and a "mountainside" your child can walk down.

Only the imagination sets limits for what you can do with Bimo.

What is a fabulous creature made of?

Bimo is made of strong EVA foam. EVA foam is free of dangerous phthalates. The surface itself is soft and slip resistant.

Bimo can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. If you try to put it in a bath, we can't make promises about the consequences.

Can a fabulous creature actually handle a bath, without being transformed into a monster?

Although it is a fabulous creature, it doesn't leave any marks on floors or walls.

What kind of extra equipment is there for a fabulous creature?

Bimo is made up of 2 parts, including one "Step". You can purchase "Step" in another colour.

The fabulous Bimo - Light Blue - with 1 Step

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Quick info:

Material:     Eva Foam
Measure:    L.60 cm. H.24 cm. W. 25 cm
Colour:       Light Blue with white grey drawing
Age:           3 +
Approvals: CE marked