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The fabulous imaginary creature - the fabulous creature Melo in Soft Grey

Included as standard: one Step and one Bump in Soft Grey

Melo is a piece of universal tumble furniture.

Melo can be:

  • a table with two chairs when there is a tea party at home;

  • a fun tilting stool;

  • a bridge for children to crawl under or over;

  • a fun tilting ship, when you purchase Bump too. Bump is the tilting accessory for all the other fabulous creatures. As we say, "One Bump is all you need".

  • So what can you use Melo for? Anything and everything your imagination can come up with. Or how about jumping from step to drip? Or maybe stand and tilt on Drip? All in all, it helps to develop your child's motor senses.

Melo is made up of four parts. One of them is a grey "step" and one a grey "drip". You can purchase other "Step" colours and other "Drip" colours - if Melo needs a new magic look.

Melo can also become a fun deep tilt, if it is put together with a "Bump". Bump is also available in several colours. 

What is a fabulous creature made of?

Melo is made of strong EVA foam. EVA foam is free of dangerous phthalates. The surface itself is soft and slip resistant.

Melo can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. If you try to put it in a bath, we can't make promises about the consequences. Can a fabulous creature actually handle a bath, without being transformed into a monster?

Although it is a fabulous creature, it doesn't leave any marks on floors or walls.

The fabulous creature Melo - Soft Grey - 4 dele

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Quick info:

Material:     Eva Foam
Measure:    L.45,5 cm. H.40 cm. W. 25 cm
Colour:       Soft grey with dark grey drawing
Age:           3 +
Approvals: CE marked