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The rolling fabulous creature Tuli the great one

Includes: two Drops in soft grey that sit on either side of Tuli. Other Drop colours are also available.

The beauty of Tuli is its ability to roll. Tuli gladly offers a fun rolling trip. Children decide for themselves how. 

Will they lie on their stomach on Tuli, or possibly sit on top of Tuli, while having to keep their balance?

Tuli is also superb fun for jumping on and off. Or how about putting a big Tuli and a little Tuli next to each other, and jumping from one to the other. It takes a lot of concentration and a good jumping technique to land right on Tuli - without overturning it.

So if you have a future gymnast at home, then Tuli can be part of daily training.

But Tuli's rolling abilities have only just begun…

Tuli contains two Drops that can be loosened with magical finger skills. It requires, at the least, good finger motor skills, both to loosen a drop and to put it back in again.

The two Drops and Tuli can be the start of a good obstacle course. Children can also roll Tuli or Drop back and forth between each other.
It may sound simple. But it is not. It requires magical abilities to get a "Drop" to roll

Can a fabulous creature get tired?

Tuli can also get tired. Like children, Tuli sleeps best on its side, so it doesn't take up much space either.

Tuli's abilities are quite adventurous. It triggers a fantastic balance and coordination ability in children. Whether the child loves to roll with it or if the child would rather crawl, jump, sit or stand on it.

What is a fabulous creature made of?

Tuli is made of strong EVA foam. EVA foam is free of dangerous phthalates. The surface itself is soft and slip resistant.

Tuli can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. If you try to put it in a bath, we can't make promises about the consequences. Can a fabulous creature actually handle a bath, without being transformed into a monster?

Although it is a fabulous creature, it doesn't leave any marks on floors or walls.

The fabulous creature Tuli - Soft grey - the great

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Quick info:

Material:     Eva Foam
Measure:    Diameter. 30 cm H. 30 cm
Colour:       Soft grey with dark grey drawing
Age:           3 +
Approvals: CE marked